CSA Week 6

Hi Folks,

REMINDER:  Please come to Pick-Up your CSA Box this week!  SATURDAY at the WOLFVILLE FARMERS' MARKET from 8:30am-1pmThere is a bit of choice each week and the earlier you arrive, the more choice!



Free Range Chicken

Strawberry Jam


SUNCHOKES (aka Jerusalem Artichokes)

These funny looking roots are a North American native plant in the sunflower family.  They are high in inulin, and the sugars in them convert to fructose so they are a good root veggie for Type 2 Diabetics.  The first nations peoples on this continent cultivated this tuber and used it in their diets as well as traded for variety.  They were exported to Europe from the colonists and naturalized there.  We grow them by cultivation but they easily colonize the area they are planted in and grow from 5 to 9 feet in height.  We use them as a windbreak, as well as a food crop.  They can produce gas in some people, but others tolerate them well.  Sunchokes can be used raw in salads and as a water-chestnut substitute in stirfys or roasted, they take about half as long as a potato and are already "mashed" inside when roasted.  Sweet and satisfying without the carbs, they are a great native treat!  P.S.  You only have to scrub the exterior, don't bother peeling them!  ENJOY!


SUNCHOKE SLAW                                                  

1 lb     Sunchokes

1       Parsnip, peeled (or Turnip)

2      Carrots, peeled

1          Small Onion, minced


4T        Olive Oil

1 T      Lemon Juice (or juice from 1/2 Lemon)

1t         White Wine Vinegar

1T        Dijon Mustard

1/3 c   Fresh Parsley, chopped

Sea Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper to taste


Grate the sunchokes, parsnip and carrots in a food processor or with a box grater.  Add the minced Shallots.  Prepare dressing a toss to coat the veggies.  Not glamorous or gourmet, but tasty and a different take on “slaw.”  Good with heavier meals or on sandwiches. 



2T        Butter

1           Leek, chopped

1 lb     Sunchokes, diced

1        Potato, diced

4c       Stock (Chicken or Veggie)

3T       White Miso paste

Sea Salt & Fresh Pepper to taste



Melt butter in a large pot.  Add chopped leeks and cook until wilted abouut 4-5 minutes.

Add sunchokes and potatoes and cook for 5 min., stirring occasionally to prevent burning.

Add stock and miso paste and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer for 20-30 minutes until all veggies are tender.

Working in batches, puree the mixture until smooth or use a stick blender and keep working until smooth

Add salt and pepper to taste and ENJOY!



The storm on Monday tood out both of our greenhouses - ugh.  Joel has repaired the greenhouse on the front of our barn, but the wind bent the ribs and the bracing with nails attached came off and punctured the plastic covering in several places.  We have a big roll of UV resistant clear duct tape so we'll get on that and he re-engineered the greenhouse a bit so we can eventually put the solar panels we've been dreaming of on when we are able.
  The high tunnel is still down and the ribs have to be re-inserted in the ground and the plastic put back up and over.  The crops aren't too damaged and it's been so nice this week that we've left the plastic off to hopefully harden things up a bit before the killing frosts really arrive.  We've had one hard frost which took out the basil and a few other delicate crops, but so far, so good.  We usually have a later fall season than the Valley farmers because the Bay of Fundy seems to temper the weather here in the fall (and it takes almost two weeks longer in the Spring to warm up).  Hence, our fall CSA because root veggies and brassicas like it here!

Ann's mother left this week and it sure was nice to have an extra set of hands around for the past two weeks.  It's also nice to get back into our "normal" routines, too!  We're working on making the barn more winter-friendly, getting in the softwood into the wood house (the hard is in!) and moving the laying hens and roosters to their new housing this week coming.  We'll also be saying goodbye to the last of our meat chickens on pasture this week coming as they are destined for the freezer.  If you'd like a bulk order of chicken, please let us know!

The pigs will also be leaving the pasture next week - we're always a bit sad to see them go, we really enjoy raising pork!  We still have a couple of sides for sale, so if you'd like them, please let us know immediately!  They were fed a special locally-grown non GMO feed this year (we're pretty happy about that) and they've been munching apples like crazy, too!  Should make for excellent pork!

That's all for this week folks.  Hope you had a great thanksgiving weekend and ate lots of great food.  If you had anything that was especially fantastic, let us know, we'd be pleased to add it to our recipe repertoire.  Have a great week!

 - Joel & Ann