CSA Week 4

Hi Folks,

A reminder that your box PICK-UP is TODAY at the Farm from 5-7pm, thanks!

Here's what's in your box this week:

** Fermented Foods!  This is new this week and we wanted to include a word about it if you've never had real fermented foods before.  Real fermented foods like traditional pickles and sauerkraut  are alive with probiotics - think yogourt, also a fermented dairy food.  They are to be eaten as side dishes (like a pickle) or added to your favourite salads or sides.  They can be warmed but not cooked to retain their probiotic status -throw these scapes in at the END of your stir-fry session. Fermented foods are simply cured with sea salt and are therefore salty.  If you are watching your salt intake or find it too salty, you can "freshen" fermented foods by putting them in cool water and rinsing a few times - let sit overnight if you'd like and then rinse in  the am.  It is a taste preference.  It's up to you.   The garlic scapes are AMAZING!  We hope you enjoy!




 Bok Choy is an Asian green in the mustard family that you may or may not be familiar with.  We love it and it grows well here, so guess what?  It's in your box this week, ha!  It is the crunchy bit in your "moo-goo-guy-pan" dishes at the local Chinese restaurant and is a staple for bulking up stir frys (and making them delicious!).  You're getting them when we like them, not fully mature  - although they are fine that way, too. :)  Just lop off the end where it was in the ground.  Rinse the whole thing (upside down works well), shake dry and cut the stems first in 1" pieces or so and then chop the leaves in pieces.  Use in stir frys, soups and ferments even but do eat it!  ENJOY!  


Salmon Supper

1c Brown Rice, cook according to directions - we find the long grain takes 40 minutes but the short only takes 25!

Combine the following:  3T Soy Sauce (we like Bragg's Liquid Aminos instead), 3T Lime Juice, 1t minced fresh garlic, 1t honey (optional)

Sear Salmon:  In non-stick frying pan, heat 2T oil on med-high, season salmon steaks with salt & pepper and cook 2-3 minutes per side or until opaque through.  Transfer to a plate and wipe out skillet with paper towel. 

Cook Bok Choy:  In same skillet, add another 2T oil, 2 cloves minced garlic and chopped bok choy.  Cook, tossing around until crisp-tender, about three minutes. 

Optional Additions:  matchstick carrots, small broccoli florets, mushrooms, julienned red peppers, chili flakes, fermented garlic scapes or all of them!

Serve salmon and bok choy on the side drizzled with the soy-lime-ginger sauce and brown rice alongside.  Delicious! 



Here's what might be available this week to purchase - limited quantities on some items:

Just LOG IN to your account and scroll down below your box contents this week.  Most items require 12 hrs notice before box delivery.  You can pay via e-transfer (our preference), paypal, or cash or cheque on pick-up day.  Thanks!



We have roofing metal at our farm this week for the north side lean-to and Joel and our part-time young man helper are busy trying to get it on before all of the rain this week. We'll see...it would be so nice to have some extra space!

Stacks Image 12Ann went to another local farm this week for a visit with their Shetland Sheep and has agreed to purchase two ewe (girl) lambs.  They will stay with us through the winter and be bred next fall.  Shetlands are an "unimproved" British breed from the Shetland Islands and although small in stature, they sure seem mighty!  Good mothers and tasty, their main function is as a fibre animal and since Ann has a spinning wheel, a (new to her) loom in the living room and flying knitting needles this time of year and beyond, she finally found a breed she's interested in keeping.  Ann's grandparents kept sheep so this is not totally foreign and Joel knew this day would someday come... they'll arrive when we can get their housing figured out this fall.  The pic here is what the breed looks like, Ann's are "moorit" or dark brown all over.  Gorgeous!  Ann's really excited and Gracie loves them, too!

We've been selling our free range chickens to Wild Caraway Restaurant in Advocate Harbour all summer and that will soon come to an end (next week) as they are a seasonal business.  If you are ever over on that shore, near Parrsboro, it is worth the drive to eat there and have a look around Cape Chignecto while you're there.  This also means Ann doesn't have to drive to the City every two weeks anymore AND it means we'll have a bit more chicken in different sizes to sell to you soon!

All for now folks.  Hope you have a great week and we look forward to seeing you all at pick-up time! - Joel & Ann