CSA Week 3

Hi Folks,

REMINDER:  Please come to Pick-Up your CSA Box this week!  SATURDAY at the WOLFVILLE FARMERS' MARKET from 8:30am-1pmThere is a bit of choice eat week and the earlier you arrive, the more choice!



Free Range Chicken

Strawberry Jam

Peach-Ginger Jam

Fermented Beans



We all likely know what broccoli is, but did you know how GOOD it is for you?  Packed with vitamins C and K (kinda hard to find), it is a tasty nutritional powerhouse.  The word broccoli comes from Italian "broccolo" which means "the flowering crest of cabbage" and it is in the cabbage family and when in flower  - going to seed - it is hard to tell apart.  The stalk is also edible and is better if peeled.  We peel our and chop it and throw it in the steamer with the tops.  It grows well here in Scots Bay, where it likes a cooler climate and we usually grow lots of it.  Whatever way you have it this week, we hope you enjoy!



We all know the salad with mayo & bacon but this one is just as tasty and a bit better for you!  Try something new this week...



Topping: 2 T Toasted Almond Slices

Toss Salad ingredients in a large bowl.  Whisk together dressing ingredients and pour over salad.  Toss to coat.  Serve immediately or refrigerate up to a day later.  When serving, top with almonds.  ENJOY!


Garlic & Parmesan Baked Broccoli

Easy and Delicious.  Toss with chicken and pasta for a meal or use as a side dish

Preheat oven to 425 and grease, spray, or line a baking sheet with parchment paper.  Place broccoli on baking sheet, drizzle oil over and sprinkle garlic on.  Grind on pepper and salt (or sprinkle) and bake 10-12 minutes until tender.  Remove from oven and sprinkle with cheese and lemon juice.  Serve immediately.

Serves 3-4



We wanted to just let you know that the tomatoes this week are from our friends and colleagues at ReRooted Farm in Grand Pre.  We like to include tomatoes in our boxes but we just don't grow them well here, even in a greenhouse.  Every year we are optimistic and every year we need to try something else next year, which we do!  Our friends have a certified organic farm and grow all "hot crops" really well - check them out at the Market for the next couple of weeks bringing in melons, cukes, tomatoes and the like.  We don't do this well, but they sure do!  Funny the micro-climate differences here in the Annapolis Valley.  We wanted you to have a taste of this crop, though, so we purchased them this week for your boxes.  Enjoy!

The earlier greenhouse plantings didn't do well as the ground has just be SOOOOO dry and what Joel planted for our winter crops had poor germination so he's planted spinach again this week and we'll cross our fingers.  The kale and collards seem to be doing fine, though so we should still have something green towards Christmastime...

The fall brings our minds and hearts around to other projects as the weeds have sort of taken over where they're going to be and it's a matter of not letting them go to seed at this point so they are scythed down and our focus turns elsewhere.  We have planted a cover crop on several plots we'd like to work next year that either didn't take well this season or we'll be bringing into production next season.  So, fall rye is in and oats and peas are up.  The free range chickens are pastured right on top of the oats and peas - they love this forage and it cuts down on our grain bill a bit, too!  They have already eaten off the cover crop of barley and we'll now leave it to grow.  The chickens also manure along the way to it's all pretty symbiotic - we love that!  If you haven't had our chicken, give it a go - it's so good - and one of the few items from the farm with wholesale to a restaurant.

We are also thinking about other fall projects - getting the barn in shape for the winter for our animals:  the dairy goats (2), the Shetland sheep (3), the draft horse (1), the laying hens(20-ish) and potentially two pregnant cows we own (although they may go to "camp" with a herd down the road for the winter.  The wood needs to go into the wood house this week or next and Joel has torn apart our mudroom to make it more functional for our family - new walls, wiring, floors to be refinished and the laundry moved around (yippee!).  His other love is carpentry so it's great to such a skill and an old house that needs lots of work. haha.

We're still looking for people to purchase our sides of pastured pork.  If you're interested, and/or want more info let us know!  Tell your freinds, colleagues, anybody, really!  They are fed non-GMO grains and our veggies and apple pumice here pretty soon from non-sprayed apples so it's about the best pork around, honest.

Hope this finds you and yours well this week and we hope you enjoy your veggie boxes!

 - Joel & Ann