CSA Week 2

Hi folks,

Please REMEMBER TO PICK UP your box on SATURDAY MORNING at the Wolfville Farmer's Market from 8:30am - 1pm.  If someone else is picking up for you, we'd love to know so we can greet them (and don't seem confused, well....that might be going a bit far)

INSIDE the Veggie Box THIS WEEK:




For those of you who've been with us before (or around the veggie block) you'll recognize these in your boxes this week.  For those who are new to the veggie scene, we're pretty sure you'll enjoy KOHLRABI this week.  Fun for kids big and small, this member of the cabbage family comes in the "white" (light green) and purple varieties and is also referred to as cabbage root.  Crisp and tender, it has a pleasantly sweet crunch and is eaten raw, boiled with potatoes and mashed together or scalloped on it's own!  We like it just cut up in slices in salads or just plain with dip.  Whatever way you try it, peel it and you can steam the outer leaves if you like (just like kale).  We hope you ENJOY!


Kohlrabi can be eaten raw, boiled, sautéed, or fried and has the texture of an apple and a mild broccoli taste.  This variety "Kossak" was developed for long term storage and the varieties we grow in the summer get a bit woody when big.  These don't  - ENJOY!



You can go to www.moontidefarm.com and log into your account on the right.  It will tell you what's in your box this week as well as what is available for purchase above and beyond and extra we can stick in your box.  We'll send you an invoice and you can pay however you'd like (reminder:  we like e-transfers to info@moontidefarm.com best, they don't cost us money!) 



We've had another very busy week here at Moon Tide Farm and fortunately, the weather has cooperated for us.  We have been harvesting as well as getting some long-standing chores done around the farm:  think cleaning out animal housing and paddocks and making big compost piles, repairing laying hens' nesting boxes, and re-framing dairy goats' housing for more efficient use of space in the barn.

Joel has also been working on the lean-to for the north side of our 100yr old + barn:  picking up lumber made from our own wood and milled by a neighbor, setting the upright timbers and getting them straight and getting the top plate on for the rafters to sit on next week. 

We're also hosting an event for open farm day for the Slow Food Youth Annapolis Valley Group  - see the event and the facebook page HERE - and getting the farm ready for the Canning Jam happening here on Sunday afternoon.

We're still taking a few sign-ups for the CSA so if you're enjoying yours and you'd like your friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. to be a part of our fall season, please direct them to our website or let us know and we'd be happy to contact them as well.  We're up for deliveries to workplaces, a mid-week pick up spot in the Valley, or other idea we don't know about with a minimum of 5 boxes to deliver.  Let us know!


Thanks again for your support this week and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Joel & Ann

Moon Tide Farm