CSA Week 12

Hi Folks,

REMINDER:  Please don't forget to PICK-UP your Veggie Box at eh Wolfville Farmers' Market on SATURDAY from 8:30am-1pm!  See you then.


The Salsa Verde is great with chips, of course, but also great with white fish like haddock and chicken.  Ann's dumped half a jar over a roasting chicken and put it all in the oven before or put in a skillet with haddock at the end of cooking or topped fish tacos (layer, shredded raw cabbage, fried onions & peppers, flaked poached fish, shredded cheese & salsa - YUM!).  ENJOY!


We still have lots of additional items that you could try this week.  We have bulk quantities of some of our veggies and extra jams, jellies and condiments to sell as well.  Of course, we also have FREE RANGE CHICKENS available as well.  You can even pay online!  LOG IN HERE to your account and order 12 hrs before pick-up and we'll have it for you!



We occasionally hear customers tell us that they really do NOT like parsnips and we aren't sure why that is, but our guess is they haven't cooked them in a way they like yet.  We don't really care for boiled parsnips at all, but we LOVE them roasted and in a pork stew.  Parsnips are in the same genetic family as carrots and have been grown as a root vegetable since antiquity.  They were brought to North America by both the French colonists in Canada and the British in the first 13 colonies in the United States and were only replaced by the potato as the main starchy tuber int he mid-nineteenth century.  They can be eaten raw (we sometimes grate them into a slaw) as well as baked, boiled, roasted, steamed or fried.  Here are a few recipe ideas, try preparing them differently this week and see what you think!

Parsnip Fry-Up

Shred all of your parsnips and put in a seasoned frying pan with butter.  Fry on med-hi until caramelized, add salt & pepper to taste and drizzle with maple syrup - you won't be sorry!

Roasted Parsnips / Parsnip Fries

Peel and dice (or slice into fries).  Toss with 2T olive oil, salt and pepper and roast at 450 for 20 min, turn half-way through.  Add 2T Rosemary for extra punch.

Carrot & Parsnip Puree

This is a side dish to replace mashed potatoes.  Dice parsnips and carrots in equal amounts and add to a skillet where 2T Butter and 1T Olive Oil have melted and are starting to sputter. Add 1/2 of an onion (chopped), and 1 clove of garlic (minced).  Add 1/2c water or stock (better) to the skillet and cook on medium for 20-30 minutes or until tender.  Transfer to a blender or food processor and puree.  Top with Salt & Pepper and chives (or not) and serve while still hot.  Alternatively, add crisped bacon pieces, thin with cream and eat as a soup!


So most of the crops are out of the ground and Joel has processed all of our onions this week and put them into storage.  He's still working on the many pounds of cabbage to put in bags and store, but he's getting there.  The fields are pretty much put to rest and we've finally had our killing frost this week so no more swiss chard, broccoli or cauliflower.  :(  Kale is still gowing strong and we've got lots of stuff in storage now.

Joel has been moving saw logs he cut last winter/Spring that have been drying all summer.  We will have them milled into lumber over the next few weeks so we can finished building the final loft in our barn and a double set of stairs.  We have two more courses of strapping to go on our greenhouse hoops and then the plastic can go on the front while Joel builds in the end walls.  We have grand dreams of the jungle in there in March this year. :)

We were able to process our pork this week and the simple cuts are in folks' freezers and the more processed pieces like hams and bacons will be finished next week.  If you've ordered these items, Ann's been in touch.

We're starting to work on a few new projects and we'll let you know more as they evolve.  Think small farmer co-operatives for local family farms.. heady stuff!

Hope you're all well this week and we'll see you soon!  Reminder, we have only THREE WEEKS LEFT! with our last week being December 19th with a double-box for the holidays.  If you'd like anything special or would like to order a HOLIDAY SPECIAL, visit out website HERE for more details.

Thanks all,

Joel & Ann

Moon Tide Farm